‘Jane Got a Gun’: New Western Movie Natalie Portman is Producing and Starring In

npThe Oscar-winning star of Black Swan is set to produce and star in Jane Got a Gun, a new Western from Lynne Ramsay, director of last year’s acclaimed indie drama We Need to Talk About Kevin. The film will be written by Brian Duffield, whose script appeared on Hollywood’s annual Black List survey of the best unproduced screenplays.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jane – coincidentally the name of Portman’s character in Thortells the story of a woman who calls on an ex-lover to help defend her farm and protect her wounded husband, whose gang of outlaws is out to kill him. The film is currently seeking financing at the Cannes Film Festival.

To call this project an intriguing one would be an understatement, as Portman’s resume hasn’t really gone near the Western genre. After her Oscar win and the box office triumph of Thor, the actress’s career is as hot as ever, and the fact that she continues to choose challenging projects is commendable. Still, Westerns can be tricky to pull off at the box office, but with the right star power – and Portman’s involvement is a tremendous start – and a solid script, perhaps the film can find an audience.



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