Jessica Ridgeway’s Murder: Evidence Shows the Zip Tie Demonic Teen used to Suffocate 10-year-old Before Dismembering Her Body

CRIMESA menacing photograph of a zip tie found inside the jeep into which teenage killer Austin Sigg bundled 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway before murdering, raping and dismembering her has been released.

The stark image was part of a set of photographs of Sigg’s Westminster, Colorado home used as evidence in his trial – including one which shows the wooden crawl space where the twisted teen hoarded some of the little girl’s remains.

Other pictures released reveal Sigg’s typical teenage bedroom, with a poster of The Beatles slapped against the wall – but this is the room where he concocted his plan to kill Jessica – a crime for which he will now spend the rest of his life behind bars.

During the trial, Chief Deputy District Attorney Hal Sargent described Sigg’s October 5, 2012 atrocities, including how he snatched Jessica off the street, lied to her as she begged to know whether she’d ever see her mother again, raped her and then strangled her before cutting up her body for his own sexual gratification.

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‘We have never seen a crime as heinous, depraved, whatever adjective we use to describe it….’  Sargent said.

‘It’s painful to imagine what he did to her in that time,’ Sargent said before explaining how Sigg sexually assaulted the child, leaving her with horrific bruises then strangled her to death.

Sigg first tried to strangle Jessica with zip ties but he told police later that he didn’t have ‘enough leverage’ so instead used his hands to strangle her for up to three minutes.

When he noticed she was still twitching, Sargent said Sigg filled a bathtub and forced her face into the scalding hot water.

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