JIHAD THIS: How To Get Your Name On A 500lb Bomb


Want to send a valentines gift to terrorists? Drop a bomb on them with your name signed on it.

Have you ever wondered how one goes about getting your name on a bomb? Well, it’s easier than you think: you just need to know a guy.

Doug Giles of Clashdaily.com posted a photo on his Facebook page of a 500lb precision-guided munition with his name on it. So I called him up and he was good enough to give me the lowdown on how to do this.

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Ben: Doug, tell me, what made you decide to get your name on a bomb?

Doug: It was my way of saying, ‘go eff yourself’ to the “religion of peace.” In Christian love of course.

Ben: So how does one go about getting their name on the side of a bomb?

Doug: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And I know some death-dealin’ bad-asses in the Air Force.

Ben: What kind of bomb did you get?

Doug: A GBU38 Laser Guided 500 pound. JDAM. Yahtzee!

Read more: clashdaily.com


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