Who Is Jihadi John? Key Suspects are a Rapper, Hacker and Terror Travel Guide Writer

composite Jihadist MuzzedAll three suspects British and heavily involved with the Islamic State. Check out why they are the key suspects…

Three British men waging jihad in the Middle East alongside the Islamic State (IS) have emerged as potential identities for the masked extremist who killed James Foley in a brutal propaganda video.

The men, all in their early twenties, are thought to be in the IS capital of Raqqa, Syria. They enter the frame as security sources say MI5 are getting closer to discovering who the executioner, known only as ‘John’, could be.

The fighter, who spoke with a British accent, butchered Mr Foley, an American journalist, in front of cameras, claiming it was retaliation for U.S. air strikes on the Islamic State (formerly ISIS).

A French prisoner who was held captive by ‘John’ says he was part of a group of British jihadists who call themselves ‘The Beatles’.

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, a former rapper from London, Abu Hussain Al-Britani, 20, a computer hacker from Birmingham, and Abu Abdullah al-Britani, in his 20s, from Portsmouth, have been mooted as identities for ‘John’.

According to reports in The Sun newspaper, some of the men have similar voices, and even use similar language, to that used in the video.

Security forces have revealed that the information contained in the horrific footage has allowed them to ‘zero in’ on the wanted man.

Meanwhile, police are preparing to raid the homes of several Britons in order to help establish his identity, according to a report in The Times. Their drive to find ‘John’ comes as the Home Secretary announced that she was poised to bring in new laws to tackle British extremists.

Bary, one of the British jihadists, has posted sickening images online of himself posing with the severed head of a Syria soldier, accompanied by a joke.

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