REPORT: Jihadist Bomber Salman Abedi Reported Teacher Being ISLAMOPHOBIC for Most IRONIC Reason

You’ve heard the political pundits say that a PC culture would be the death of us.

Well, seems like they were right.

Salman Abedi reported his teacher at school for Islamophobia because he condemned suicide bombers, it has emerged.

The Manchester attacker – who slaughtered 22 people at a concert by pop-star Ariana Grande on Monday – studied at Burnage Academy for Boys between 2009 and 2011.

According to the report Abedi was part of an Arabic-speaking clique at school.

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One day, when his teacher asked what they thought of someone who would strap on a bomb and blow people up, Salman and his Arabic speaking ‘brothers’ became upset.

The source said the boys then went to their RE teacher and lodged a complaint, telling them it was “Islamophobic”.

The source added: “[Abedi] was a silly boy, not very serious. He was not smart enough to be a mastermind of anything like that.”

The word ‘islamophobia’ was created to make villains out of people who are critical of Islam. Anyone who complains against Islam is immediately shouted down.

Look where it got us.

A boy who yelled ‘ISLAMOPHOBIC’ at a teacher asking a legitimate question about suicide bombings actually became a suicide bomber.

It is our politically correct culture which has allowed such a word to take over the western world.

Due to our PC culture, 22 people in Manchester were killed and dozens more injured.

This word ‘islamophobia’ needs to go away and the real issues of radical Islam need to be addressed.



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