John McCain Tight Lipped on His Foundation After Being Busted for Taking Foreign Money from Questionable Sources

RINO John McCain has been busted for taking money from foreign donors for his foundation the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

An investigation by Daily Caller made this wonderful discovery of McCain’s willingness to betray his countrymen.

This revelation is a light bulb moment and explains why this man has made it his sole mission to be the Republican whom opposes Trump.

He’s got dirty money, we know it and McCain is refusing to disclose any records that might link him to it.

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To further show the hypocrisy of this two-faced d-bag, the Daily Caller reminds readers that McCain was behind the McCain-Feingold act.

The act aimed to “reform” campaign finance rules, but here is his alleged “institute” refusing to tell the nation who exactly is donating to its causes.

Hhhhmmmm… wonder why?

But the McCain Institute — created in 2012 with an $8.7 million donation of funds remaining from McCain’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign — refused Monday to disclose the amounts it received from its biggest donors who gave $100,000 or more.

However, the McCain Institute declined to spell out exactly how much money each big donor contributed. The web site only lists donors who have given “$100,000 and above,” which can be misleading.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, for instance, is identified as giving $100,000 or more on the Institute’s website. In reality, the Saudis gave $1 million.

Of the 37 donors who contributed $100,000 or more to the McCain Institute, one in three originate from either foreign principals, overseas corporations or foreign governments, according to the nonprofit’s web site. One big donor is anonymous.

What exactly is McCain hiding?

That is the biggest question.

Also, doesn’t all of this sound like a page out of the Clinton playbook?

Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the ones advising him.


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