Jon Stewart Wakes Up From His Obama Zombie Slumber

jon_stewartMonday, liberal comedian and satirist Jon Stewart seemed to have had an epiphany, which you can watch here. It is a nearly seven minute piece in which he begins with the current Benghazi scandal, and opines that, as Obama said, it is just a paranoid delusion and circus side show of the nasty Republicans who just don’t seem to appreciate Obama’s brilliant handling of the situation that wound up causing the death of four Americans.

Suddenly he is interrupted by a video clip of the announcement on CBS News that the IRS has admitted that it targeted conservative groups for scrutiny in violation of its own regulations and despite previous denials of having done so. Stewart then suffers a comedic melt-down during which he launches more f-bombs than Hamas launches missiles over a Jewish holiday, and asks his normally beloved government, “What did you do?”

He then feigns attempting to excuse the various transgressions of the IRS, and at every turn plays a clip where his attempted excuses are shown to be futile. The news report details how Tea Party organizations were targeted, as well as groups engaging in subversive activities such as educating people about the constitution. As Stewart points out, it is logical that people who are using the IRS to crack down on political enemies would not want Americans educated about the Constitution.

He jokes about IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner’s apology over the revelations of the misdeeds of her organization, saying the he didn’t realize that an apology was sufficient when dealing with IRS related issues, and that tax cheaters like Wesley Snipes must feel foolish after spending years in prison when they should have just apologized. Or maybe they could have just had the Director over for some beer, as Obama did with Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley, whom he falsely maligned for doing his duty in an exemplary fashion. Come to think of it, when you are Obama, the beer is the essential aspect, the apology is unnecessary.

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The highlight of the piece, however, is when Stewart takes off on another rant: “Why can’t we have background checks?” he asks. He then shows a clip of Senator Ted Cruz explaining that he believes it will put us inexorably on a path to a national gun registry. Stewart then gesticulates wildly and says mockingly, “Oh, right, the government is going to overreach and there’s going to be a national gun registry and the government is going to take your guns away from you.”

Immediately he launches into the clip of the news coverage of the IRS admitting that it targeted conservative political groups. After a brief rant, he seriously says, “This has in one seismic moment, shifted the burden of truth from the tin foil behatted to the government”. He says that when the government tries to act benignly, it is incompetent at best, but “When government wants to flex its more malevolent muscles it’s f ____ Iron Man”.

Maybe it took these twin scandals, Benghazi and the IRS, to awaken America. Evidently Fast and Furious wasn’t enough, despite the higher death toll. Maybe Eric Holder’s selective enforcement of the laws that Obama likes and disregard for those he doesn’t weren’t enough, either. But the pattern is clear, and the rot extends throughout the government. The common theme is a complete disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law. When even liberals begin to smell that something is not right, you had better be concerned.


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