Joy Behar Forbids Attacks on Comedians Because ‘We’re Important People Right Now’ [WATCH]

The View co-host Joy Behar, for some reason, can’t comprehend that late-night comedians are susceptible to hits from the media for ‘pulling punches’ on Harvey Weinstein; despite their relentless attacks on conservative figures who’ve been accused of sexual harassment and sexual abuse allegations.

‘The interaction began when another co-host, Sunny Hostin, brought up that comedians couldn’t win on the subject. Last week, late night hosts were taken to task for punting on Weinstein, and Saturday Night Live faced scrutiny for avoiding the scandal altogether. When James Corden made a joke about Weinstein at a dinner Sunday night, however, he was forced to apologize,’ reports the Daily Wire.

“Last week everyone was saying the late night hosts didn’t mention the Weinstein scandal,” Hostin explained. “But you know they were always making jokes about Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. SNL took a hit for not saying anything. Now you have SNL doing something. You have James Corden doing something, and now it’s, ‘oh, it’s in poor taste, it’s too soon.'”

Via the Daily WireLate night hosts like Seth Meyers didn’t just avoid Weinstein, some of them — including Meyers himself — responded to criticism by challenging conservative viewers to change the channel, effectively making the issue into a “you’re with the liberal Hollywood elite, or you’re against us,” ultimatum.

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Corden received blowback for making controversial jokes about specific women’s reported experiences with Weinstein, referencing Weinstein’s alleged requests to watch him shower naked and give him a massage in return for career help.

Everyone equally has the right to do what they want, comedians and critics alike; that is what we call freedom. But Behar doesn’t seem to understand the concept.

“Why?” Joy Behar replied to her guest Hostin. “Rose McGowan particularly singled out Corden. I really don’t think that it’s appropriate to attack comedians. We’re on the right side of things. ”

“Also, the comedians are there to say the emperor has no clothes,” she went on in her anger. “We’re important people right now.”

Check out the full b*tch fit below:



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