Junior Jihadis: ISIS Parents Boast with Pride Over their Little Terrorist Babies on Twitter

article-2744871-2114DE0600000578-598_636x382The terrorists of the future. ISIS must be so proud…

From two young boys posing with guns to a baby lying on an ISIS flag surrounded by weapons, these images show the children dubbed the jihadists of the future.

The shocking photos, which have been posted on social media sites accompanied by chilling messages, were taken by the youngsters’ parents and other militants in Syria and Iraq.

They include children pointing assault rifles toward the sky, giving the Islamic State’s one-finger salute and being indoctrinated in the ways of the extremist group.

Alarmingly, a number of the images appear to have been uploaded by British fighters who have travelled to the war-torn countries to wage jihad.

One Twitter user, who goes by the name Abu Farris, posted a picture of a child in a balaclava appearing to operate a machine gun mounted on the back of a truck.

The accompanying message reads: ‘Abul Farooq 7 yr old kid with his dad in dawlah. He’s soooo cute!!’

Meanwhile, another fighter Abu Turaab has uploaded a photo of a toddler being held by a man with a machine gun slung over his shoulder.

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