THIS JUST IN: Democrats Plan to Filibuster Gorsuch is UNRAVELING!

The Democrat plan to filibuster SCOTUS nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch is crumbling right in front of them.

Senator Patrick Leahy has come forward to say he may not join the effort!

The senator told the VTDigger that he is “not inclined” to back Schumer’s play. Although he did clarify that he would not be voting for Gorsuch, he had this to say about Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s proposal.

“I am not inclined to filibuster, even though I’m not inclined to vote for him. I do I think the end of the filibuster hurts everybody.

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I was very reluctant to see us the use nuclear option, thought I don’t think we would have seen any of President Obama’s judges go through without it.”

Leahy, a veteran of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, is no stranger to voting for conservative judges. He has backed Chief Justices William Rehnquist and John Roberts, and the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Although he did not vote for Justice Samuel Alito, he did not engage in the Senate Democrats filibuster of his nomination in 2006.

Crybaby Schumer Plans to FILIBUSTER Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination


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