Just A Diversion? Obama Uses Bergdahl to Distract Disastrous EPA Regulations

Have you noticed that Obama conveniently timed this terrorist exchange with the release of his lawless EPA carbon regulations? Today was going to be a huge news day with carbon regulations being the front and center of the news. These disastrous regulations have the potential to send the US in another great depression as they significantly increase the cost of electricity. This in turn will make everything more expensive and cost numerous jobs. In our already fragile economy, this spells disaster.

But what is everyone talking about today? The exchange of a traitor to our country, who is being called a POW. This sick liberal abandoned his post and joined with the enemy at the cost of American lives. Now Obama has broken countless laws to give up 5 terrorists to “get him back”. How soon until he leaves again and rejoins the enemy?

But once this story is finally sorted out we’ll be on to the next Obama scandal. It seems that the only thing that keeps the news from talking about the previous scandal is the newest scandal.

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