It Just Gets Better: Report Reveals ‘Miss Piggy’ Had Sex on Live TV Show Called ‘The Farm’

This is the woman Hillary stuck her neck out on the line for? Hilarious! Scandal after scandal, this woman’s background gets worse.

THE Miss Universe winner at the centre of the Donald Trump Miss Piggy row had LIVE SEX on a reality TV show called The Farm.

Venezuelan beauty Alicia Machado romped beneath the sheets with another contestant on the hit Spanish show modelled on ‘Big Brother.’

In a now infamous 2005 episode of ‘La Granja,’ Alicia had sex in front of the cameras with Spanish TV host Fernando Acaso.

Machado was engaged to Philadelphia Phillies baseball star Bobby Abreu at the time.

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He quickly called off the wedding after clips of the show appeared online.

The broadcast showed Acaso on top of her, with Machado whispering in Spanish about his manhood.

“Oh your d***, my love, what a tasty d***! Your d*** is divine,’” she moans while they have sex.

Later during the broadcast replay, the show’s host read aloud what Machado had written about the man.

“Really, that guy is cute, he loves me, he understands me, he accepts me, he protects me, he supports me, he respects me,’ read her testimonial.

“He treats me like a goddess, he f***s me like a b****!”

Machado told TV channel Univision when she returned to Miami that despite the scandal she “felt fine as a person, as a human being.


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