JUST AN ILLUSION: What if the healthcare.gov ‘tech surge’ is a PR illusion?

obamacare onlineNew questions are being raised about yet another aspect of the secrecy that has shrouded healthcare.gov, the Obamacare program’s Internet portal, since its inception.

At the height of the media coverage of the avalanche of technical problems attending healthcare.gov’s failed launch on Oct. 1, President Obama announced a “tech surge” in which the “best and brightest” minds would be gathered to fix the troubled website.

All flackery, all the time

Calling it a “tech surge” linked the healthcare.gov rescue effort with the military surge strategy that defeated al Qaeda in Iraq, while the “best and brightest” reference brought back memories of the Camelot years of JFK.

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But the only visible face associated with the tech surge is Jeff Zients, the former acting director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget and Obama’s all-around Mr. Fix-It of the federal bureaucracy.

And the only visible change in the excessively complicated organizational chart for the healthcare.gov design project is Zients’ designation of contractor QSSI as the systems integrator for the tech surge.

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