JUST PLAIN DUMB: Ignorant Reactionaries Attempt to Pit the First Amendment Against the Second

ConstitutionImage_Smaller1So asks a WTOV (Ohio & West Virginia) story:

Does the Second Amendment trump the First?

It’s a question being looked at here in the Ohio Valley after a local newspaper is denied a Freedom of Information request.

The request was made by a reporter for a Wheeling newspaper requesting the names of all the people with a concealed-carry permit.

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Ohio County Sheriff Pat Butler says it violates the privacy and safety of many residents. “First of all, I think it’s an invasion of privacy, and I think it’s a dangerous precedent to set to let people all over the Ohio Valley know who has permits and who doesn’t,” Butler said….

Stories about whether one constitutional right “trump[s]” another usually turn on unduly loose understandings of what constitutes a right. This is particularly so in this situation.

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