‘JUSTICE BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY’: Watch Marilyn Mosby’s Fiery Speech Before Freddy Gray Investigation Concluded

All means? Does that mean she was willing to lie and bend the rules in her investigation?

Two days before the Baltimore police department concluded its investigation into the death of Freddie Gray, Marilyn Mosby, the Maryland state’s attorney for the city, gave a fiery speech in which said she planned to “pursue justice by any and all means necessary.”

Mosby entered the national spotlight on Friday after she announced charges against six Baltimore cops involved in Gray’s April 12 arrest. Many believe that Gray, who died on April 19, was the victim of police brutality or negligence.

“[The criminal justice system] has historically and disproportionately affected so many communities of color, and what we’re seeing right now when we turn on the news and we open up the newspaper is that frustration,” Mosby told the Multicultural Prayer Movement group during a brief speech Tuesday morning.

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The night before saw widespread rioting, looting and arson in Baltimore sparked by outrage over Gray’s death.

Mosby, 35, did not mention Gray by name during her remarks, but the prayer group described her as speaking about “stepping forward with the Freddie Gray Case.”

“And it’s not just Baltimore City,” Mosby continued. “That’s every urban city across America. We’re seeing the frustration of this system, and recognizing that…I couldn’t listen to the naysayers.”

Seemingly hinting at what course of action she would take in a surprise announcement three days later, Mosby told the audience of local clergy: “We will pursue justice by any and all means necessary.”

Mosby echoed that sentiment during her press conference on Friday, less than 24 hours after police concluded their investigation.

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace,’” she said. “Your peace is seriously needed as I seek to deliver justice to this young man.”

“As young people, our time is now,”she added.

Mosby slapped Caesar Goodson Jr., a black officer who drove Gray from the arrest site to central booking, with the toughest charges. He faces a second-degree depraved-heart murder charge and manslaughter charges. Three other officers face involuntary manslaughter and other charges. The two officers who helped arrest Gray face second-degree assault charges.

Mosby’s decision was denounced as a “rush to judgement” by the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police. And a report from the Baltimore Sun published on Saturday described police investigating Gray’s death as “stunned” that Mosby had determined charges less than a day after being handed the case.

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