JUSTICE: College Chick Guilty of MURDER After Disposing of Her Newborn in the Most HORRIFIC Way

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.22.12 AMA cold blooded and cruel act. Can not believe someone is capable of doing this.

A former sorority girl was found guilty of aggravated murder on Friday after she put her newborn daughter in plastic bag and threw her out in a trash can, where the baby died from asphyxiation.

Emile Weaver, a former student at Muskingum University in New Corcord, Ohio, was also found guilty of abuse of a corpse and two counts of tampering with evidence.

Weaver has not been sentenced, but she could face life in prison without parole.

Weaver said she had been living in denial and was not aware she was pregnant despite her sorority sisters noticing she had gained weight, wore baggier clothing, and often held a pillow in front of her stomach months before the birth on April 22, 2015.

She told investigators she gave birth on the toilet, left the bathroom to get a knife to cut the umbilical cord, and returned thinking the baby had died because it showed no signs of movement.

But coroners ruled the baby was alive when it was placed in the bag.

Weaver texted the man she thought was the father a few hours after the birth and said it had been ‘taken care of’ and that there was ‘no more baby’.

Days later, she went to a hospital in West Virginia with her mom saying she had a miscarriage, even though medical tests showed she had carried the baby to full term.

The jury found Emile Weaver guilty of all four charges on Friday. She will be sentenced at a later date, and could face life in prison without parole for aggravated murder.

Prosecutors revealed the baby’s name, and told the Zanesville Times Recorder: ‘We feel justice has been served for Addison Grace Weaver.’

The 21-year-old, who showed no signs of emotion when the verdict was read in court, claimed the baby was dead when she disposed of it, and told jurors on Friday she lived in denial of her pregnancy.

In a recorded interview with investigators played in court this week, Weaver admitted the baby was alive when she gave birth in the bathroom of the Delta Gamma Theta sorority house on April 22, 2015, the Zanesville Times Recorder reported.

The 21-year-old pulled out the placenta and put her daughter on the bathroom floor before trying to clean up the mess, she recounted in the interview.

When she returned to the bathroom after getting a knife from the kitchen to cut the umbilical cord, Weaver said: ‘I thought the baby was gone’.

Coroners ruled the baby was alive when she was placed in the bag and died from asphyxiation.

Weaver notified the man she thought was the baby’s father that she had gone into labor the night before, and told him the baby died of complications.

A few days after giving birth, she told her roommate she had a miscarriage, and showed up at Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, West Virginia with her mother.

Weaver claimed she experienced cramps and found a four-inch long mass of tissue that ‘looked like a baby’ when she went to the bathroom.

But medical tests found Weaver had carried a baby to term, according to the Zanesville Times Recorder.


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