Justice Department appeals judge’s order to eliminate age restrictions on morning-after-pill

Plan bThe Department of Justice is appealing a district judges’ order to eliminate all age restrictions on the purchase of Plan B, or the morning-after-pill, without a prescription.

The appeal late Wednesday followed a decision this week by the Food and Drug Administration to change the age restrictions on prescription-less Plan B purchases from 17 and older to just 15 and older. The agency said the decision was separate from the judge’s order.

U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ordered in early April the Obama administration make Plan B available to all women, regardless of age, without a prescription within 30 days, a reversal of a Health and Human Services decision to apply age restrictions.

The Justice Department also requested an injunction on the decision until the final outcome of the appeal.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, which filed the initial lawsuit against age restrictions on the morning-after-pill, took the administration to task for the appeal.

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