JUSTICE SCALIA’S FINAL HOURS: Spent Amongst a Secret Society of Hunters that Have Existed Since 1600s

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.09.02 AMThis justice will be greatly missed. R.I.P. Antonin Scalia.

Justice Antonin Scalia spent his final hours at a Texas ranch in the company of a secretive society of hunters that has existed for more than 300 years.

Several members of the 35-strong hunting party at the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia was found dead are known to be current or former members of The International Order of Saint Hubertus.

John Poindexter, the owner of the ranch, is known to hold a leadership position in the Order, as does C. Allen Foster, a prominent Washington lawyer and Scalia’s traveling companion for the trip.

Foster traveled on a private plane to the ranch with Scalia after he opted to leave his U.S. marshal detail behind, while Poindexter was the man who found the Supreme Court Justice dead in bed on the morning of February 13.

Ranks in the Order include Grand Prior, the most senior position, Grand Master, and Knight Grand Officer – though it is not clear which of these roles the men occupy.

According to records unearthed by the Washington Post, private planes owned by Wallace ‘Happy’ Rogers III and A. J. Lewis III were also chartered to the ranch, but it is unclear if the men were there.

Rogers, a prominent hunter and museum owner, and Lewis, the owner of a restaurant wholesale business, are both former members of the Order’s elite.

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