Kansas Flips the Bird at Gun-Control Laws: House preparing to consider gun-rights bill

flipped birdTOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A favorable vote in the Kansas House is all supporters need for final legislative approval of restrictions on the use of state tax dollars for promoting or opposing gun-control measures.

The House planned to debate the measure and take a vote Tuesday. The Senate approved the bill by a wide bipartisan majority last week.

Gov. Sam Brownback is a strong gun-rights supporter but hasn’t said publicly whether he’ll sign the legislation.

The measure would prohibit local and state officials from using state dollars to produce advertising or other materials to promote policies at the local, state and federal level dealing with gun control.

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Also, state agencies and local governments couldn’t use state dollars to hire lobbyists to attempt to influence local, state or federal officials on gun control policies.

The House’s vote was coming less than a month after a new state law took effect that declares the federal government has no power to regulate firearms, ammunition and…



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