Karl Rove Mixes up Tea Party Groups in Criticism of Nazi Photoshop

ROVE-naziRepublican strategist Karl Rove erroneously claimed Wednesday that Tea Party Express Chairwoman Amy Kremer was complicit in an emailed image that depicted him as a Nazi, deepening the conflict between Rove and the conservative grassroots. The image was actually sent out by a different Tea Party group after a vendor had inserted it without the Tea Party group’s knowledge or approval.

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Rove accused Kremer and other Tea Party leaders as being “consultants who are more concerned with their fees and profits than they are with advancing the cause.” Kremer has since responded to Rove’s charges, calling them “false” and hypocritical.

Hannity asked Rove about a recent incident involving a different Tea party group sending out a fundraising letter showing Rove in a Nazi SS uniform. The group, Tea Party Patriots, apologized and explained that it was a third party who had inserted the image and not their own organization. After Hannity expressed his desire for a Tea Party resurgence, he said, “Tea Party Patriots had you in a Nazi SS uniform, but they apologized. Let’s start there.”

However, Rove targeted a different group, Tea Party Express, and its chairwoman Kremer:

Somebody sent out a picture of me in a fundraising letter with a picture of me as Heinrich Himmler, the SS chief, and I don’t know what adult supervision was needed…

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