Keep Your Chin Up: Turning the Tide with the Gun Culture

sons-guns-630x926Hold up your hand if you’ve shot a gun. I thought so. That means you’re in the right place. I’ll count you as someone who respects the right of armed self-defense. You know the courts and politicians are a weak defense for our civil rights, let alone the individual right of self-defense. It is a good thing we are stronger than the courts and politicians. If that comes as a shock, then let me remind you how things have changed in the last few years.

Think back only a few months to the murders at Sandy Hook. That is when the anti-gun media launched every smear they could imagine. The media is nothing if not creative when they want to make up a story. Anti-gun billionaires also threw millions of dollars into politics as they supported anti-gun politicians and anti-gun legislation. Their tactics worked in a few states, and failed miserably in most. There has been a backlash in support of the human right of self-defense. The “we will not comply” movement of non-violent resistance sprang up in the face of the new anti-gun firearms laws. The culture of responsible gun ownership grew despite the best efforts of these anti-gun journalists and politicians.

The gun-culture grew because of you.

The gun culture is changing, and culture drives politics. When I grew up, gun culture was centered on hunting in rural areas. Now the gun culture is focused on urban concealed carry for personal protection. That changed everything!

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That shift from country to city explains why women of all ages and backgrounds are the fastest growing segment of today’s gun culture. Women’s shooting leagues like A Girl and a Gun are springing up across the US. Female competitors and instructors are accepted and welcomed in the new gun culture. That cultural shift has long-term implications as women influence their families for generations to come.

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