Keeping America Free: Sheriff David A. Clarke ‘Armed Citizens Made America Free & Will Keep It Free!’ [VIDEO]

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. of Wisconsin gave a rousing speech in defense of the Second Amendment at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday:

Here are a few select quotes from the full speech:

“I am here because, as you already know, the country that we understood at its founding is under siege. It’s under siege by a cabal that would transform us into something other than what the Founding Fathers wanted for every generation that followed.”

“…This group of tyrants wants to disarm us. They want to deny you and me our freedoms guaranteed under The Constitution of the United States.”

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“My fellow Americans, I’ve had it, and I’m tired of seeing the Second Amendment treated like the bastard child of The Bill of Rights. I’m tired of seeing courts of law and liberal congressional and state legislatures contort the right to keep and bear arms into a definition so limited that we don’t even recognize it. I’m tired of law-abiding citizens like you being viewed by leftist government officials as ‘clingers,’ blood-thirsty, ‘racist,’ and ‘extremist.’ I know you better than that. (Applause.)”

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