Ke$ha The Walking Human Disaster and Her “Die Young” Song

Ke$ha—Hollywood’s well-renowned, classless electropop princess—released a music video for her song “Die Young” recently. The song is a single from Ke$ha’s latest album Warrior, which will be released on December 4th.

In the video, Ke$ha plays a cult leader in Mexico and has amorous followers who worship and caress her incessantly. In the beginning of the video, Ke$ha emerges from the back of a hearse and then is carried by two members of her cult into an abandoned church, where all of the immoral “fun” takes place. There, countless scenes in the music video show Ke$ha wearing skimpy clothing, dancing seductively, and engaging in what appears to be orgy-like behavior. Also, many scenes show cult members of both opposite and same sexes kissing each other in ways that easily make you feel nauseated. The party finally ends when police come to the church and shoot at its door until Ke$ha makes her grand exit from the church.

If you thought the music video was disgusting enough, take a look at its lyrics, which further condone the immoral activities Ke$ha and her lustful followers partake in.

The song begins with these lyrics, which clearly convey how Ke$ha and her followers are up for some YOLO free lovin…

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