Kellyanne Conway: The MSM is Purposely Silencing Trump’s Success — Do You Agree?

Kellyanne Conway joined Judge Jeanine in an interview and she had something to say that all Americans need to hear.

Conway talked about how the media, who we all know is no friend of Trump’s, keeps reporting on the Russian allegations as if they were real. They keep it up on an hour by hour basis, letting the public know every detail that may or may not be true. It seems like Trump isn’t doing anything at all!

The fact is, the media isn’t reporting on the real changes President Trump is making for the America people.

“He’s creating jobs; he’s doing all these things that don’t get covered,” Conway explained.

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President Trump promised New Hampshire that he was going to deal with the drug issue that plagues their state. Conway reminded Judge Jeanine (and everyone else) that Trump is tackling the nationwide epidemic of opioid abuse. And the media has been silent about it. Why? Because that is something good the president is doing for this country!

In case you missed Judge Jeanine’s opening statement, we have that for you, too. And it’s a good one!

The Left, and their media buddies, are in attack mode right now. What are you going to do about it?


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