Kenya Mall Massacre: 16-Year-Old Girl Executed as she Spoke to her Mom on the Phone

kenyaChildren as young as five were shot up to five times by the terrorists that carried out the Westgate mall massacre, it has emerged.

The attack, carried out last week by gunmen from Somalia-based terrorist group Al Shabaab, left 67 people dead, including six Britons.

New accounts of the extremists’ merciless assault reveal for the first time the fate of some of the 30 children who attended a cooking event at the mall. Some of them were as young as 12.

One girl at the event, 16-year-old Nehal Vekariya, was shot through the eye, according to The Sunday Times.

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The paper reports her father’s final phone conversation with her.

He said: ‘She said “I’m okay, I’m with friends, call Mummy fast and tell her I’m okay”.’

When her mother called her she heard yelling and then gunshots, then the line went dead. She had been cut down at close range.

The paper also reports that witnesses describe children as young as five being hit up to five times by the terrorists, as they roamed the mall looking for victims.

Mitul Shah, 38, meanwhile, a London-born father of one caught up in the siege, was hailed a ‘hero and a star’ for reportedly offering hicmself as a hostage to allow children to escape from militants.

According to The Sunday Times, one of the gunmen told victims: ‘You didn’t spare our women and children. Why should we spare yours?’

Firefighters, police and soldiers were faced with horrific scenes when they entered the mall.

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