Kenya’s criminal court convicts Iranian terrorist agents

kenyaA criminal court in Kenya convicted two Iranians on Thursday for possession of dangerous explosive materials that could be used to create a powerful and deadly improvised explosive device (IED), according to an Israeli counterterrorism expert who monitors North Africa.

The court ruled that the prosecutors had proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two suspects, Ahmed Mohamed and Said Mausoud, were part of an Iranian-sponsored terrorist cell that abandoned volatile explosive materials on a crowd before attempting to escape from Kenyan police officers, noted Rhoda Goldberg, a former U.S. law enforcement officer now living in the Middle East.

“The dangerous explosives posed a great danger to both people and property,” the judge stated as he gave the Iranians’ defense team until Monday to prepare for their pre-sentencing motions before he sentences the two men.

Both Mohamed and Mausoud — who were released on $24,000 (U.S.) bail plus a surety of $60,000 each in July 2012 — denied the charges.

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