The Key to Basic Handgun Training? K.I.S.S. [Watch]

So, I do not have nearly enough years of defensive handgun shooting as I do in my jiu-jitsu training, but what is certain about everything I am learning is one thing.

The basics are KEY to your progression in shooting handguns. They are the movements that will allow you to build up your skill and technique.

There will never be a moment you will not employ the fundamentals of handling a gun.

Now the question is, ‘how do I become proficient in my fundamentals of defensive shooting?’

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As I continue to explore and train in this fighting system one thing is constantly glaring back at me:


Rely on the basic movements you learn, because in the heat of the moment you’re unable to think. If you try to do anything but that mistakes will happen.

Repeating your basic handgun training exercises, perfectly, in a smooth manner will guarantee little to no mistakes will happen when you’re under the stress of a gunfight.

Muscle memory is key. Dry fire drills are important!


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