KICK A**: Kellyanne Conway Heads to the White House

Now this is a woman we DO want at the White House. She broke one glass ceiling already, but why stop there. One thing is for sure, this woman does not take sh*t from anyone.

What do you think? Did Trump make a good choice?

By Dana Schuster

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On Tuesday, a presidential glass ceiling was broken — when Kellyanne Conway earned the distinction of being the first woman in history to run a winning campaign for the White House.

“It feels good,” Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, told The Post. “I’m not a big gender-identity person, and I wasn’t hired for my gender, but it’s . . . a pretty cool thing to say to my three daughters and my son. Many women work really hard and never get their shot. I feel blessed to have gotten my shot.”

And this is just the beginning.

She announced on Thursday that she was joining the Trump administration after a tweet from journalist Gabriel Sherman suggested she was reluctant to do so because she didn’t want to give up her lucrative polling business.

“False,” Conway tweeted. “Could it be those ‘sources’ want the WH job I’ve been offered?”

She says she felt compelled to reply.

“I just thought it was an obnoxious tweet to put out there,” she explained. “What are your sources? I can be your source about me.”

She added that she’s ready and willing to move to Washington, DC.

“I will absolutely go somewhere for my highest and best use for this particular president and his administration — and I certainly will confer further with Mr. Trump in the upcoming days about what that is,” she said.

Not bad for having only been riding the Trump train for three months.

“I refer to it as ‘my semester abroad,’ ” Conway said with a laugh.

She was named Trump’s campaign manager on Aug. 17, weeks after being hired as a a senior adviser. The billionaire had fired his two managers — Corey Lewandowski, who is said to have alienated Trump’s children, and Paul Manafort, who was tainted by reports that he received millions of dollars from a party associated with Vladimir Putin.

Conway, who has appeared on TV more than 1,200 times as a conservative pundit, was initially dismissed as a parlor trick.

In September, BuzzFeed ran an article headlined “The Myth of ‘Trump-Whisperer’ Kellyanne Conway,” suggesting her greatest asset to the campaign was being a woman whom the candidate could toss in front of cameras to help him gain trust among female voters.

But as Conway told The New Yorker in an October article: “I tell people all the time, ‘Don’t be fooled, because I am a man by day.’ ”

She insists she had faith in Trump’s ability to win from the get-go.

“I’m a student of Hillary Clinton’s,” she said. “I’ve been around a long time, and she has many gifts and many strengths but risk-taking and coloring outside the lines is not one of them.

“The people have been telling pollsters for decades that they want someone who is an outsider, a disrupter, an independent voice who doesn’t owe anybody anything in Washington — and they finally got their wish with Donald J. Trump.”

Not that it was an easy path.

Conway described the Trump team as “the walking wounded,” taking flak from “critics and naysayers and, in this case, the so-called sophisticated data.”

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Shattered the Glass Ceiling on the First Woman to Run a Successful Presidential Campaign


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