KICK THE KICK: New Recoil Pad Takes The Shock Out Of The Shot


I love to target shoot but hate the effects especially when I’m shooting the bigger calibers.  The new ShockEater seems like a promising answer to recoil.  If anyone out there has used the new product let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Product Review by Bill Miller, OUTDOORHUB

I love shooting. I hate recoil.

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Call me a wimp. Call me a wussy. Call me anything you like, but it won’t change the fact I don’t enjoy getting beat up when I’m shooting.

The results of recoil from a single, moderate shooting session are annoying and perhaps slightly painful. But where it will really get you is over the course of an avid shooting career. The negative effects of absorbing shotgun recoil for decades can result in serious ailments such as arthritis and even detached retinas…..

It’s safe to say more first-timers are permanently put off shooting by excessive “kick” than any other factor. Those of us who stuck it out are smart to take every opportunity to minimize recoil for the sake of both our health and our technique. Bad shooting habits are unavoidable when you’re subconsciously anticipating a punch in the shoulder every time you pull the trigger. If you’re thinking about recoil, you’re not thinking about breaking the next target.


Well, I’m now a proud believer in a new recoil pad called the ShockEater. It’s just eight millimeters thick and weighs only 1.4 ounces—that’s less than a 12 gauge hunting shell. The ShockEater fits easily into the pad pocket on your favorite shooting vest or hunting jacket. You can even use double stick tape if you want to try it out on your t-shirt. Any way you use it, the pad is so thin it does not appreciably change length of pull.

All I can say is it flat-out works! And it’s not the placebo effect, because I honestly didn’t believe there was any way this tiny pad could substantially reduce recoil.

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