Kill The Infidel: Islamic Extremists in British Schools, Children Subject to Radicalization


We can only imagine that the same thing is happening over here in our school systems. If it is, we must stop it now!

A new wave of British schools are thought to have fallen victim to Islamist extremists trying to radicalise children, a report in today’s Sunday Times suggests.

Department for Education officials are said to have become increasingly concerned over a ‘Trojan Horse 2’ scandal which they believe could involve dozens of schools in East London, including in the Borough of Tower Hamlets, known for its Islamist-linked Mayor Lutfur Rahman.

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The Times reports:

Emergency inspections of 21 schools in the city by the schools regulator Ofsted resulted in five schools being placed in special measures.

“Tower Hamlets is expected to be the next Birmingham, but even worse, because the problems surrounding Muslim fundamentalists imposing their views on education seem to be more embedded,” said a senior Whitehall source.

Both secular state schools and private Islamic schools are under suspicion, and there are concerns that non-Muslim teachers are staying silent for fear of losing their jobs.

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