KILLER COP CASE GETS WORSE: New Dash Cam Video Shows Walter Scott Fleeing Without a Violent Encounter [WATCH]

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This cop is in a heap of a mess.

A dashcam video has been released showing the moment Officer Michael Slager pulled over Walter Scott and engaged in a civil discussion – minutes before shooting him dead.

The camera on Slager’s patrol car captures him telling Scott his third brake light is broken, before asking him to produce insurance papers.

Scott, who appears to be accompanied by a person in the passenger seat, explains he does not have any documents as he has yet to officially buy the car.

‘I haven’t bought it yet, I’m about to do that Monday…. My car is down,’ he says.

The officer appears calm, checks his licence, then tells him: ‘I’ll be right back with you.’

When Slager returns to his vehicle, Scott flees, running towards the park where he would die moments later.

Off camera, a scuffle can be heard, with shouts of ‘Taser, Taser, Taser!’ and ‘Get on the ground!’

The sounds on the recording, released by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, are the only record of the apparent altercation, which Slager claims prompted him to shoot Scott dead.

The South Carolina cop insists he tried to sedate Scott, but the father-of-four grabbed the Taser and fled.

Slager’s account has been called into question after a shocking video taken by a witness shows the officer shooting Scott in the back.

It is claimed Scott ran because he feared being arrested for failing to pay a child support.

In the dash cam footage, captured from Slager’s patrol car, the officer explains, ‘The reason I’ve pulled you over is because your third brakelight is out.’

The conversation is muffled, with music playing in Slager’s car obscuring the sound.

He can be heard asking Scott for his licence, registration and insurance card.

Scott responds that he doesn’t have papers as he has not yet to bought the car.

‘Alright let me see your licence,’ Slager replies. ‘So you don’t have any papers in the glove pocket?’

Scott repeats that he does not and he is paying for the car on Monday.

Slager returns to his car.

A minute later, Scott opens the door, and gestures to Slager, who shouts, ‘you’ve got to stay in the car!’

Scott then sits back inside the car – and moments later flees.

The only other footage of the incident shows the moment Scott was shot. Released earlier this week, it begins in the vacant lot apparently moments after Slager fires his Taser.

Wires which administer the electrical current appear to be extending from Scott’s body.

As Scott turns to run, Slager draws his pistol and, only when he is 15 to 20 feet away, starts to fire the first of the eight shots at his back.

The video shows Slager handcuffing Scott’s lifeless body.

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