Killing America: EPA Induced Lead Crisis

th (2)Obama’s EPA kills over 200 more jobs and reduces america’s primary lead production to 0. The only surviving primary smelter in the US, the Doe Run smelter in Herculaneum, Missouri, will be closing at the end of this year. 70% of our primary lead supply has been provided by the Herculaneum smelter, the remainder being imported.

Although the United States has an abundance of lead ore reserves, we will now be dependent on imports for our purified lead needs.

Many thanks to the EPA, America’s only primary lead smelter will close this December.

After Doe Run Co. spent millions of dollars to meet the EPA’s requirements, the EPA decided to reduce the air-emissions requirements tenfold, from 1.5 µg/m3 (micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air) to .15 µg/m3, an impossible requirement to meet economically, which was most likely the EPA’s intention from the start.

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When there has not been a single person proven to be harmed by the lead emissions at the old rate, the increasingly stringent requirements pushed by this radical EPA will do far more harm than good to our nation, its economy, and its people.

China currently dominates lead smelting, with 67% of the global production, and after December the US share will be reduced to 0. The United States of America will be solely dependent on imports, likely from China, to meet our lead needs, which went up 7.6% in 2013, and will likely continue to increase in the upcoming years.

Lead is an important, strategic metal that impacts a variety of areas. 80% of lead is used for batteries, it is critical for bullet production, solder, and many medical and radiation safety devices. All of which will be impacted by the Herculaneum shutdown.


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