CONSERVATIONIST SAYS: Killing #CecilTheLion Was a Blessing

lionOnly Americans, who have never dealt with wild lions, seem upset about Cecil’s death.

Former Gwayi Valley Intensive Conservation Area chairperson in Matabeleland North Langton Masunda has said the killing of Cecil the Lion was a great blessing.

He said all the media hype on Cecil’s death was unwarranted as  Cecil’s pride did much havoc in Dete.

Masunda said “at 13 years the lion is no longer dominant as breeding takes place from between seven and nine years’.

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In an opinion article Masunda, said Cecil pride mauled two people in Dete last year without compensation.

“In Dete, parents lost their children to Cecil’s kind and it was not news. How can such tragedies be relegated to the grapevine. Is it not the same territory that Cecil and family roamed?

“Three years ago, a lion was chased by hyenas after a kill and to satisfy his hunger jumped into the guard room to try and eat the guard who in turn shot him dead. Guess who cried? The lion researcher, I suppose for a research opportunity lost on Cecil’s brother eating a black man.

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