Kim Jong-un Needs to be Terrified of Sec Def Mattis’ First Course of Action After NK Recent Missile Launch

On Friday, Kim Jong-un’s minions launched another missile from Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Its path course was east, going right over the main island of Japan and crashing into the Pacific Ocean.

When the missile launch was reported Secretary of Defense James Mattis was in Omaha, Nebraska, at U.S. Strategic Command. He is at the moment on a 3-stop tour.

Tara Copp — Pentagon Bureau Chief for the Military Times — tweeted that when news reached Secretary Mattis he wasted no time, immediately going to the command’s operations center to assess the situation:

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Secretary Mattis told reporters on the scene:  “reminder we can do this from any location I’m at, whether it be I’m on an airplane, at STRATCOM, DC or literally in a hotel room.”

According to IJR: the trip’s importance was especially highlighted in wake of the latest North Korean launch. The trip was labeled as a ‘three-day nuclear-focused trip that comes during ongoing reviews of the U.S. nuclear posture and ballistic missile defense.’ Secretary Mattis’s first stop was at Minot Air Force Base, Minot, North Dakota on Wednesday.

According to the Department of Defense, the Air Force base is the only installation to have two legs of the nuclear triad: strategic bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles.


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