KIM KARDASHIAN: Tweets This About GUNS and her Stupid Shows Immediately

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.26.49 AMNothing like an uninformed gun-controller taking to twitter to call for action.

Last Sunday, a horrific scene unfolded when it was discovered that 48-year-old David Conley killed Victoria Jackson, her partner, and her six children; the oldest was Conley’s child.

It wasn’t long before Kim Kardashian responded to the tragedy, and made online firearm sales her target:

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But, how accurate are her claims about the ease of buying guns online?

Here’s how it works, via The Washington Post:

  • If a customer is attempting to buy a firearm from one of the approximately 130,000 federal firearms license holders, a background check is mandatory. After the check has been completed, your order will be shipped to the nearest license dealer.
  • Cross-state gun purchases follow similar restrictions due to The Gun Control Act of 1968– which strictly regulates direct shipping of nearly all firearms across state lines, except non-working antiques. The seller must ship the gun to a federally licensed dealer, where the buyer must fill out all necessary paperwork and undergo a background check.
  • Option number three- a buyer can respond to a private ad by a seller and meet them in person for the sale. Most private sales don’t require background checks, except for in 12 states, which require checks for private handgun sales, and California and Rhode Island, which require background checks for any private sales.
  • Lastly, the illegal way involves finding a private website offering guns for sale- a site not monitored by the government. In 2000, the Justice Department found around 4,000 such sites.

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