Kiss’ Gene Simmons: Hey Girl, ‘Stop Depending on Men’

Gene Simmons is all about the ‘independent woman’. No, not the one who relies on the government to get her by, but the one who seeks out her career before anything else in life. Check it.

Gene Simmons expressed some very opinionated advice for women when he sat down with Fox News host Andrea Tantaros to promote his new book, Me, Inc.: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business.

“Let’s all agree that women should not depend on men. The statistics tell us predominantly they will run out on you,” said Simmons, when asked to discuss the part of his book where he advises women to choose an early career over starting a family.

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“This is a very complex and difficult question to answer, so I’m going to do it as simply as possible. Women: Stop depending on men,” reiterated the Kiss co-founder. “It’s as simple as that. Imagine there are no men in life.”

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