‘KISS MY @SS’: Kid Rock Just Busted Liberals on this Huge Lie about the Confederate Flag

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 9.25.04 AMBoom.

We discussed this nontroversy over Kid Rock and the American Flag last week. To recap: protesting amuseum, that isn’t displaying the flag, over their exhibit of a musician, who has used the flag in the past, but not recently… and we weren’t even sure when the last time was. Only now, we do.

Kid Rock of course had a measured and well reasoned response. For those too lazy to click the hyperlink, allow me to recap the general sentiment.

Kiss my *ss!

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You’d think it was a closed chapter. But, it ain’t over until the formerly-fat black pseudo-reverend sings! The Detroit chapter of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network is meeting with General Motors to “discuss” their sponsorship of Kid Rock, because obviously Al’s got to get paid!

But here’s the shocking truth behind Kid Rock and the confederate flag…

In May 2011, Kid Rock stepped up to a Cobo Center podium to accept a Great Expectations Award from Detroit’s NAACP, describing himself as humbled and overwhelmed by the moment. And that was the night, says a spokesman for the Detroit star, that Kid Rock quietly decided he would stop using the Confederate flag onstage.

“It’s been more than five years since he’s had that flag on tour,” said publicist Nick Stern. “They’re protesting something he’s not even doing.”

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