KOOKY: Prison guard impregnated by cop killer in attempt to save him from Death Row faces a year in prison

PREGSA prison guard who thought having a child with a convicted cop killer would get him off Death Row faces up to 16 months behind bars today.

Nancy Gonzalez’s last ditch plan to save Ronell Wilson’s life didn’t work and she is due to be sentenced in New York for having sex with an inmate.

The 30-year-old has already lost custody of the baby boy she gave birth to and her federal job at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

Gonzalez and Wilson, 33, had sex while the convict was awaiting resentencing.

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It happened after an appeals court threw out his first death sentence, handed down in 2007, on a legal technicality.

At a previous hearing, Gonzalez’s attorney claimed the family of Wilson was manipulating her and blamed her for a jury condemning him to the death penalty.

Her child, which was conceived by in an ‘activity room’ at the center while Gonzalez was working there, is named Justus and was born on March 21.

He was placed in foster care with Gonzalez’s maternal aunt.

A family court judge found that Gonzalez’s behavior was neglectful because Gonzalez, a recovering drug addict, was not allowed to use alcohol while free on bail.

Wilson was convicted of capital murder for shooting dead two undercover NYPD detectives during a 2003 gun bust.

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