Krauthammer Calls GOP Repeal and Replace an ‘Epic Fail’, Reveals Why in Detail

Charles Krauthammer has a way with words.

So when he called the GOP’s effort to repeal and replace Obamacare an ‘epic fail’, you know he meant it!


This is an epic fail. This is historic. This is seven years of arguing gone down the drain. And I think we’re at the end of the road, at least in this phase.

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You want to do something of this scale, you have to do — and here we were critical of Obama, but he gave at least 32 national addresses, you and I lost count after that, I mean, it was higher than that, on his healthcare bill, and he made the case.

Did anybody make the case for what was in this bill in the Senate, other than it was a promise?

The republicans need to get their sh*t together and sort this out properly.

If we don’t, our nation will pay for it years to come.

This is a fight we MUST win!


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