La Quinta Police: Video Shows Unarmed Man Filming Friends Arrest Pleads With Officer Pointing Gun

The La Quinta police are as good as that hotel chain, and that’s not a compliment. Check this out. Things get good around the 8:55 mark.

Video showing an officer pointing a gun at two men questions the threat of force by law enforcement.

Alex Natividad told reporters that he was unarmed when he recorded a La Quinta policeman arresting his friend Sunday afternoon in Palm Desert, California.

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At the start of the video, the officer has his service weapon pointed at the friend who begins to lie facedown on the ground. As the friend complies, the officer then turns and points his weapon at Natividad and orders him to the ground, but Natividad challenges the officer’s response.

“I ain’t doing anything. I ain’t doing anything,” he says, adding, “Why you gotta point a gun at me? Why you gotta point a gun at me? We have no weapons … We’re not a threat to you. Why do you have the gun pointed at me? I am not a threat. I got out of the car and I surrendered to you. Right here and you’re pointing a gun at me.”

Natividad then pleads with the officer to lower his weapon.

“I realize what just happened right now. It was a violation of the law. But it doesn’t require for you to pull out a gun. It’s not a threat. At least you can use your sense,” he says. “Come on. It’s one man talking to another man. Eliminate the gun or the badge. You’re a man. You’re a man. You’re a man behind that badge. Be like a man. That’s a coward pointing a gun at me.”

In the nearly 4-minute video, a second officer arrives and also draws his weapon. At one point, Natividad’s voice begins to crack as he starts to cry.

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