Ladies Let’s Rally: New War on Women Will Leave Us Defenseless

Calling all women gun owners! Time to get out and be seen! There are several pro-gun rallies being planned around the country.

  • ·         Colorado is having one on January 9 at 1:00pm on the steps of their capitol.
  • ·         A group called “Gun Control = More Crime” is organizing a nation-wide rally called Guns Across America at noon on Saturday, January 19, to be held at every state capitol.
  • ·         Another group called “WVCDL Manchin Protest and 2A Rally (Eastern Panhandle)” is planning one in Martinsburg, West Virginia at 1:00 on January 19.

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While I do not know anything about any of the groups organizing these rallies, I don’t think that matters. The important thing is showing our solidarity. Keep an eye out online. Search for “pro gun rallies” and “second amendment rallies”. Keep watch on your social media networks for news of gatherings. Try to get to as many of the rallies as you can. We need as many women as possible to show up at these events. We need to demand our right to defend ourselves using whatever gun we need. The opponents and politicians need to see that if they try to disarm Americans and we refuse them, that they won’t be just dealing with Bubba Redneck – they’ll be dragging out and arresting single young women, moms, wives, grandmothers, and widows. It will be a PR nightmare for them and they need to see what that nightmare will look like NOW.


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Any new gun laws unfairly target women. This is the new war on women. It is meant to force us to be defenseless and submissive. Even the act of making schools gun-free zones and refusing to allow teachers to arm themselves contributes to this war because what gender are the majority of teachers? Women! Why are so many teachers taking advantage of the free gun classes? Because they are like to be a target, whether in the classroom or on the street. Laws that make it illegal for us to have high capacity magazines put us at a disadvantage if our attacker has more bullets than we do. Making guns like pump-action shotguns illegal put us at a disadvantage if, due to our lack of strength or older hands, that is the weapon that we can operate. We have to make sure NO new laws happen because they will lead to stronger and stronger laws. Don’t believe it’s the camel’s nose under the tent? Look at cigarette laws? First you couldn’t smoke at work, then not in restaurants, then not in bars, now not even in a park.  I don’t smoke and never have, but I know social engineering when I see it.


We see what happens all the time to women in other countries who don’t have the right to guns. In India, a medical student was just gang-raped and injured so bad she died. Now women there are trying to get guns and their government is telling them that simply the threat of being raped and/or murdered is not enough for them to have guns. That could be us next, ladies. This didn’t even happen during the early years of our country when women didn’t even have the right to vote. Women were allowed and expected to be proficient with a firearm. Their lives depended on it then, just as ours do now. That has not changed and will never change contrary to what the morons say who try to convince us that the Second Amendment isn’t valid now because the founders couldn’t have known what kind of firearms we would have. (Guess that also means the right to free speech and the freedom of the press are no longer valid either. Obviously the founders couldn’t have known we would have social media and couldn’t have imagined the press would have its nose so far up the administration’s rear end that it can’t report anything honestly).


This will be hard for some of us. We typically don’t make a lot of noise and draw attention to ourselves. But now we HAVE to. While these will be peaceful rallies, we have to get noticed. Be prepared though – there will be “discussions” from anti-gunners who show up. Do your homework before you go. There are some great websites with a lot of very useful information, such as why anyone “needs” to own an AR. Think of all the arguments you may get, and research those topics and be ready for them. But remember, you don’t necessarily have to respond to the haters. If that isn’t your comfort zone, don’t do it. Simply being there will speak volumes to the politicians.


We still need to call and write all our representatives but it’s easy for the politicians to ignore emails and phone calls –  they can’t “see” who it is behind the computer or phone. We need them to SEE us! It’s particularly important to do it RIGHT NOW after Joe Biden’s comments that they WILL have something done by the end of this month. Call, write and SHOW UP! This can’t wait – women’s lives literally depend on it!


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