Ladies Of ‘The View’ Lose Their Sh*t When Co-Host Dared To Say Hillary Should Take Responsibility For… [WATCH]

The View is still on? Just goes to show you how much I pay attention to those ladies.

But, every once in a while, they do provide a good amount of entertainment. And ladies, gents, this is one of those times.

These ladies are textbook liberals; dotted i’s and crossed t’s, the works.

When conservative co-host Jedediah Bila, said she was unimpressed with Clinton and wish the former presidential candidate would step up to the plate and take the blame for her loss, you can bet a fight broke out.

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They even got the “racist” card in there. Not sure how, since both Hillary and Trump are white. It had something to do with Obama, though.

Yeah…we don’t get it either.

Check out the hissy fit below. And get ready to laugh and cry at the same time.


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