The Late Conservative Icon: Phyllis Schlafly’s MAJOR Support for Trump

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly passed away at age 92 on Monday.

After the RNC, Phyllis released this video; her final one of her long life. She celebrates Trump’s nominations. This video demonstrates just how amazing this woman was.

Not only was she extremely vocal about her support for Trump, she went so far as to release a book about why people should vote for him. Maybe we should send this to some of our GOP congressmen.

The Conservative Case for Trump
conservative case for trump schlafly

by Phyllis Schlafly,
Ed Martin,
and Brett M. Decker

And now, Trump will be attending the funeral service in St. Louis tomorrow to pay his final respects.

Monday night, Trump released this statement on his Facebook page:


We will greatly miss this one of a kind woman.


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