Lattes With Propaganda? Nope. Demand Starbucks Drop the New York Times Now [POLL]

By guest columnist Michael Roskiewicz

Founded in 1851, The New York Times has enjoyed large amounts of readers throughout the years. It’s success has been connected with the trust it once had for bringing honest journalism to its readers.

Unfortunately however, like many mainstream traditional media outlets, editorial boards have been taken over by left wing political operatives. What was once a high quality news outlet has eroded into left wing radical propaganda. Time and time again The New York Times has been caught manipulating information and twisting facts to suit their secular “progressive” views.


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Just take a moment to remember their analysis of the 2016 election. For weeks up until election night they claimed Hillary Clinton had a 90% chance of winning. This is a classic example of an attempt to manipulate readers.


Trying to take a different (more desperate) approach, the Times has decided to blatantly become a Political Action Committee. On Tuesday it released several Tweets exposing the telephone numbers of undecided Republican senators asking readers to call them to vote against tax cuts (& reform).


I’m not sure if there will be calls to have the Times become registered with the Federal Election Committee for the political action they have taken. This is probably a long shot.


As an ordinary working class American citizen trying to fight back against an elitist organization (that’ using everything they have to sabotage the president), I have no other option but to call on businesses to stop selling the Times and to boycott their products until they do so.

Next time you step in to Starbucks, check for their newsstand in front of the shop. If you notice The New York Times, exit, take a stand for freedom and find another shop.


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