The Law Don’t Work That Way, Son: Two Idiotic Criminals Call Police on Man They Had Just Beaten After He Fired a Warning Shot

Attackers-Call-911-on-Defender-with-ShotgunEditor’s Note: These guys must have been on drugs. Usually the last thing criminals would do after escaping is call the cops.

Florida recently passed a law making it harder to prosecute people who are defending themselves with firearms.

The law builds on a trend started with an Arizona law that codified the defensive display of a firearm as legal.

The Arizona law had been prompted by criminals use of the criminal justice system to punish people who had foiled their crimes by displaying a firearm in self defense.

This Oregon case, though it did not receive official sanction, shows how criminals attempt to use, or use, the criminal justice system to their advantage.

In the Coos Bay case, two homeless men attacked a homeowner who they believed had reported them to the authorities.   The attack occurred before 3 a.m. in the morning.  From

The two transients believed the man had reported them to the Bureau of Land Management as trespassers, the sheriff said.

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