LEAKED: James Comey’s Shocking Edits to His Public Statement On Hillary Clinton Probe

Former FBI Director James Comey made a statement two days before the 2016 presidential election on the probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

What he said put forth the FBI’s argument for clearing Clinton and her aides.

Problem is there were two very different drafts for this statement. Sen. Ron Johnson — chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs — found proof that Comey’s initial statement “could be read as a finding of criminality in Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material,” Johnson said in a letter to the now FBI Director Christopher Wray.

However, what Comey actually said “deleted the reference to gross negligence — a legal threshold for mishandling classified material — and instead replaced it with an exculpatory sentence.”

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If you held both documents side by side, the results are quite shocking. Senator Johnson did just that. He went point by point, comparing the initial draft with what Comey actually said.

For example. Comey planned on saying Clinton and her staff were “grossly negligent” with the handling of classified materials, but it was switched to “extremely careless.”


“In addition, while Comey initially said it was “reasonably likely” that ‘hostile actors’ had gained access to Clinton’s email server, the text was edited to say that such an intrusion was ‘possible,’ ” the AP reported.

The full pdf document of what Sen. Ron Johnson found is below, as well as some excerpts:

Senator Ron Johnson Letter to FBI Re Comey July 5 Statement by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd



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