Leftist Sally Kohn Has a ‘Solution’ for Terrorism… Is She INSANE?

A CNN contributor would push something like this.

Pundit Sally Kohn has a solution on how to ‘fight’ terrorism.

It’s not with actual force or weapons.

No, it’s the more ‘sophisticated’ route. Sally wants to combat terrorism with ‘tolerance’ and ‘political correctness’.

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President Trump tweeted about last night’s London bridge attack stating there needed to be an END to political correctness.


Kohn’s snowflake sensitivities took offense to this right away.

She fired back in a twitter rant that will have you saying, ‘WTF?!’

“Political correctness is simple idea everyone should be treated with equal dignity [and] respect. It’s not cause of terrorism. It’s antidote,” Kohn wrote. “When we make political correctness the scapegoat, we undermine values of tolerance and equality that are ALWAYS our best weapon against hate.”

“Of course we can’t snap our fingers make all current terrorists just become more tolerant and respectful,” she admitted. “But long term, do we help future would-be terrorists turn toward respect, tolerance, away [from] hate? Or do we become more hateful ourselves? Our values of pluralism and inclusion and equality are under attack. The answer to terrorism CANNOT be to throw away our values.”

The very ‘values’ that Sally Kohn preaches will combat terrorism has lead to the slaughter of many innocent lives.

While westerners can easily accept tolerance and political correctness, it’s something terrorists will NEVER do.

It’s not wrong to combat men with evil intentions, meeting them with physical force.

It is effective and has worked for centuries.

Sally has also taken issue with Trump temporary travel ban.

She has  claimed that Sharia law isn’t a threat because even “progressive Muslims” adhere to it.

With that kind of logic, you have to count your blessings Sally Khon is not in public office.


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