Leftists Claim Michael Brown Did NOT Rough Up Store Clerk During Robbery… Video Reveals the Truth!

Some new footage has come out surrounding Michael Brown. Jason Pollock is the director of a new documentary film called Stranger Fruit. In the documentary the footage is shown.

Dems are saying this proves Brown didn’t strong-arm anyone. But that isn’t true…

The new surveillance video shows Michael Brown entering the convenience store at approximately 1 a.m. on the day of his death, and handing a small bag to some employees. The employees appear to smell the bag and hand it around. In exchange, Brown is given two boxes of cigarillos. As Brown is leaving, he turns around, and hands the cigarillos back to the clerks to allegedly store behind the counter.

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According to Pollock, the bag likely contained marijuana, and the exchange was a prearranged drug deal.

The video shown repeatedly in the news–the video with which everyone is familiar–was actually filmed the next morning at 11:50 a.m.

Brown approaches the counter, apparently seeking the cigarillos. When the clerk (who likely wasn’t there the night before) doesn’t give him the smokes for which he allegedly exchanged the marijuana, he grabs some cigars instead. When confronted at the store’s entrance, Brown shoves the clerk and intimidates him with his massive frame:


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