Leftists Create 10 Step Plan for You to ‘Actively REJECT Your White Privilege’ … and OMG is it Hilarious!

So the Left was sharing around this graphic. And they were apparently serious about it.

That last one cracks us up. Why even bother with the 1-9 if you are going to be a racist anyway? It makes no sense. Check out these other flaws in their argument. If you see a snowflake walking down the street and they call you a racist, now you have the perfect ammo to hit them with.

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By Ben Shapiro

1. Take up minimal space during anti-racism dialogues and protests. Minimal space? What is that supposed to mean? Should white people who don’t like racism put themselves in mime boxes? Should they take Alice In Wonderland potion? Or better yet, should they simply stop showing up? What’s the big worry here: manspreading? Intimidation of the people who happen not to share a skin color but who share the same ideas regarding politics? I’d recommend that leftists lighten up, but they’d probably construe that as racism somehow.

2. Stop contributing to gentrification and calling it “urban development.” Stop investing in downtrodden areas and building nice homes and shops, people! Keep those downtrodden areas racially segregated. At least they’re historic. The last thing we would want is people in those historic areas to have jobs and safer neighborhoods and nice restaurants. They must be relegated to poverty for the sake of the character of the place.

3. Listen when people call you on your microaggressions. I suppose this means not jumping from the nearest window, which is indeed a sacrifice.

4. Never invite people of color to the table for the sake of claiming diversity. I actually agree with this one: how about we just invite people to the table who are interesting and have knowledge, rather than judging them by their skin color? But you know who doesn’t agree? Hillary Clinton. She actually suggested having a black person to be named later in her cabinet for the sake of claiming diversity.

5. Refrain from using your non-white friends as your “urban dictionary.” Not sure who does this – who turns to their black friend and asks them to decode rap songs? Anybody? Then again, if you actually talk about black cultural hallmarks and you’re not black, you’re accused of whitesplaining or cultural appropriation, so it’s a bit of a Catch 22.


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