CLASSY: What Really Makes a Woman Beautiful


Ladies, I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to be beautiful to my man, than a hot piece of ‘you-know-what’.

Society has a habit of changing its mind, of becoming restless with the old and obsessed with the new. It looks at women as trends and facets to be exploited, discrediting their beauty the second a new, unique look comes along. They pinpoint traits that are desirable and flaws that should be hidden with wrinkle creams and tanning lotions.

I must ask, why are we giving in? Why are we letting everyone else decide for us what beautiful is? Why are we letting the magazines, the fashion editors, the advertisers and movie producers decide what’s desirable and fascinating?

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If we’ve learned anything from the constant change of looks, fads and models, it’s that beauty is impossible to categorize and preferences are unique to the individual. These traits, attributes and quirks are elevated to new standards arbitrarily by the magazines when all they are fads, like gapped teeth and long torsos. Big lips were once a model’s biggest flaw, when society deemed small lips beautiful, and flat-chested girls were once crying in the corner before Kate Moss made them cool. We are constantly changing our minds about what’s hot and sexy because there is no single facet of beauty.

Beauty is in the details, in the flaws, in the presence of the woman. Beauty is the unique traits that make you jealous of her. Beauty is in her curly hair and her fine, thin strands. Beauty is in her small chest and her large one. Beauty is in the way she walks kind of bow-legged and the way she keeps her hair parted to the side. Beauty is her big eyes with her long lashes and her long, cat-like stares. Beauty is in her style and the way she holds herself. Beauty is her wild hair and thick thighs.

There is no definition of beauty because there is no single defining quality. There are a million things about a woman that are beautiful and each one is as unique and desirable as the next. Every woman is the epitome of beauty in her own right. Every woman has the capacity to be the prettiest girl in the room and hold the awe and admiration of a man. Because, while you’re constantly comparing yourself to the girl on the train, wishing you had her hair or her legs, she’s wishing she looked like you.

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